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Join conditions
Joining requirements:
First, the franchising requirements:
1), there is a strong international brand concept and terminal operational management capabilities.
2), familiar with the local youth clothing market, there is a strong market distribution capabilities.
Second, the district Location:
1), domestic cities, the mainstream well-known department stores, large SHOPPINE MALL, Fashion Mall.
2), domestic cities, the main high street and street shops.
Third, the content licensing, area, scope,:
1), under license B in the area, set up shop, or designated centers engaged in direct retail ****" brand counters.
2) Party products franchise is the franchise mode of operation according to Party A place for business, including store / shop in shop / store counter in the form.
3), Party B shall not be authorized to operate with the regional party licensed brands of the same type of goods. Party shall operate under the brand identity and image series of other young clothing goods, or to recover their operating rights, and accountability.
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