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Talent Concept background set

 The company is the development needs of talent recruitment industry, the specific requirements are as follows:
Job Status:Designers  (Period:360Day Time:2011/9/20)  Apply
Job Status:Chief Personnel Manager  (Period:360Day Time:2011/9/20)  Apply

Position Type: Full Time
Number: 1
Work areas: Shenzhen

1, the development company involved in the administrative system, improve and refine office management systems and business processes;
2, the implementation of the company's annual executive plan, control administrative costs;
3, involved in organizing, coordinating arrangements for the company's various meetings and events;
4, the purchase of office equipment, office supplies, personnel management and distribution arrangements, management of documents, administrative files, badge, computer disks, CDs and other important information;
5, the management of public environmental health and safety, periodically check the staff dining and dormitory environment;
6, the rational management of public service vehicles, vehicle repair and maintenance arrangements;
7, good staff, departments and communication between higher level work;
8, to assist with the reception of external contact.

1, administration, business management or related college degree;
2, two years administrative work experience;
3, familiar with the administrative work processes, office supplies procurement processes, enterprise asset management;
4, a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, good organization and coordination and communication skills, strong analytical, problem-solving skills;
5, office software and office automation equipment.

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