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Address: Yingchun Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen Overseas Friendship Building, Room 2307
Import and Export Department Tel :0755 -88867618 to 4
Fax :0755 -82,368,330
Contact: Mr. Zhao

Company Profile

Shenzhen Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was established in the Qinling Mountains in 2002, "integrity, quality, funny" for the purpose, has been the recognition and support at home and abroad, and now developed into a dress agency, import and export, production and sales integrated enterprise.

The three major businesses: Apparel Agents, export, import.
Fashion Agents: After years of development, our company's headquarters in Shenzhen, the development of agent from clothing to the other seven provinces, Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Kunming, Dalian, Xiamen and Guangzhou all have our branches. Shenzhen has more than a dozen shops. From the beginning of the clothing developed into a clothing agent \ jewelry as one of the agency business, continued to expand, the establishment of a comprehensive sales and service network, and welcomes more brands to join, look forward to more companies.

Exports: Our company is specialized in the development of LED products \ production \ sales \ standing in line production staff excellence, innovation, integrity and reliable sales team, professional and efficient, customer base throughout the world, mainly to provide interior lighting, landscape layout of the two aspects of the products, if you are interested in our products, we will for your country and region, to provide you with quality products and services.

Imports: Our chemical products imported from around the world, with a strong team of logistics and customs, have a stable supply and sales network, welcome to our domestic customers purchasing chemicals, but also willing to purchase chemical products for your business agent to help you solution provider, logistics and customs and other problems.

Our goal is to build a first-class brand, first-class team, first-class service, a local famous enterprises

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